Meatless Monday- Carrot “Hot Dogs”

I belong to a vegan kids group on Facebook, and came across this gem: Vegan Carrot “Hot Dogs”

At first you’ll probably think what I thought: “Carrot hot dogs? Ok then…” But if you’re vegan or vegetarian you know that meatless “meats” can be pretty expensive. Carrots are cheap. This must be too good to be true.

The recipe calls for enough marinade to make 2 dogs. I wanted to make enough for myself, the hubby, and the older kids so I decided to make six. I tripled the recipe. It ended up being too salty. So if you’re going to make multiple servings, keep them marinating in groups of two, or use less of the salty ingredients like soy sauce.

Here’s my finished product:


J and I had two each. D had one bite of his. C ate his, and the rest of D’s. Overall it was a hit I’d say as it is normal for D to only nibble.


Hello world!

So, here we go.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog since my oldest son was born 5 years ago. I never knew where to start, and it seems the longer I put it off, the less I thought about it. A friend nudged me to get started, so here we are. If you would like to learn a little about my family and I, feel free to click “About” at the top of the page. I look forward to sharing our lives with you.

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